ST BARTH GOURMET FESTIVAL | Luxury gastronomic french festival
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Our slogan “Saint Barthélemy, The Art of Being an Island,” perfectly embodies our love for the art of gastronomy! And once again, we are preparing to host an event that celebrates the stars of French Haute Cuisine.

The patron chef for this year’s SAINT BARTH GOURMET FESTIVAL is Pierre Gagnaire, elected “the best starred chef in the world” by his peers.

He has invited a “Dream Team” of chefs, composed of five ambassadors who represent the best in culinary savoir-faire, and who will share their talent each night of the festival in one of the most prestigious restaurants on the island. No doubt that the combination of these illustrious chefs will set off an explosion of incredible flavors—guaranteed to please the most discerning gourmets on the planet!

We hope that these exceptional moments of sharing fine dining in a convivial manner reflect the superb lifestyle and pleasure of living in Saint Barthélemy.

Nils Dufau,
President of the Territorial Tourism Committee of Saint Barthélémy



The 7th annual Saint Barth Gourmet Festival takes place November 11-15, 2020 on the island of Saint Barthélemy.

The ambassador of this edition is none other than Chef Pierre Gagnaire, 3-star Chef in the Michelin Guide, Pierre Gagnaire restaurant.

”Honored to be the patron chef for the 2020 edition of the Gourmet Festival, set on this beautiful island that is Saint
Happy to be part of this festival, now an event of major importance, which allows numerous people to enjoy fine dining and discover the art of haute cuisine in the convivial, warm, and generous ambiance of St Barth.
Pierre Gagnaire TT.”


He will be surrounded by 5 Chefs who will shine French gastronomy every day in a prestigious establishment of the island during the Festival:

As in past years, each chef will create a several-course menu served for four dinners during the Festival, allowing guests to discover the chefs’ take on French cuisine and their signature dishes.

The Saint Barth Gourmet Festival has become a major event on the international culinary landscape and is now one of the best gourmet festivals in the world.
Since it was launched in 2013, this event has enhanced the reputation of Saint Barthélemy through the prism of gastronomy, while at the same time promoting the values of conviviality and authenticity that help make the island a unique and exclusive tourist destination.

“It is an honor to welcome such talented chefs to our island. The Saint Barth Gourmet Festival is a major event that helps confirm the dominant position of
the island as a world-class tourist destination in the Caribbean, while allowing guests and residents of the island to enjoy the best of French gastronomy
in a friendly, festive ambiance that conveys the spirit of Saint Barth!” notes Nils Dufau, president of the
Territorial Tourism Committee of Saint Barthélémy.




Press Contact :

Valentine DUBOIS :
(+33) 06 43 60 79 77

Marie EDON :
(+33) 01 45 51 22 40

This particularly difficult period we are facing has sadly caused us to cancel the Saint Barth Gourmet Festival.

We fought up to the wire to be able to host the event and make it happen, for our guests as well as island residents to enjoy a very special experience, as the festival cultivates a sense of togetherness, of conviviality, and culinary exchange.

The current health situation in metropolitan France has obliged us to cancel this year’s edition, but it was with much regret that we were forced to make such a decision.

We hope that the next edition will be the best ever!

Thank you for your continuing support, and we hope to see you very soon.